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Thu, Jun 03, 2004 12:25 pm

Sun May Adopt the Open-Source Model for Solaris

Pressure from Linux is apparently continuing to push Sun into moving its proprietary version of Unix, Solaris, to the open-source model for software distribution. A June 2, 2004 article titled " Solaris goes open-source" appearing in Government Computer News quotes company president and chief operating officer Jonathan Schwartz as stating that Sun intends to "create a rich, open environment" around Solaris.

Sun has been talking about such a move for years as shown by an August 28, 2002 article by David Berlind titled " Unplugged: Sun chief engineer Rob Gingell, Part II". On page 2 of the article there is a discussion betweeen the author and Rob Gingell, Sun's chief engineer at the time, about Solaris and the open-source model.


  1. Solaris goes open-source
    By Susan M. Menke
    Date: June 2, 2004

  2. Unplugged: Sun chief engineer Rob Gingell, Part II
    By David Berlind
    Date: August 28, 2002

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