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Wed, Apr 06, 2005 10:32 pm

PayPal Phising site at Gone

I see that the website,, that was being used on Monday for a PayPal scam (see PayPal Phishing Attempt at has been taken down. Hopefully, the person running the spoofed site has been identified.

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Wed, Apr 06, 2005 6:13 pm

Fixing "To" Addresses in a Queued Message

If a message is stuck in a sendmail mail queue and you can tell that it is because of an invalid "to" address, you can correct the problem by editing the appropriate "qf" queue file. For instance I saw a message queued the day before addressed to an address similar to john_castle@senate.state. Obviously, the sender left off the end of the address, which should have included the state abbreviation followed by .us. Since senate.state is not a valid domain name, sendmail assumed that was the intended domain name. A server with that name existed, but wasn't accepting email, i.e. it wasn't listening for connections on port 25 But as far as sendmail was concerned the delivery problem might only be temporary, so it would keep trying to deliver the message for five days before giving up and bouncing the message back to the sender.

The queue id for the message was j35DxWRb002888. Since sendmail stores the "envelope" information for messages in queue files in /var/mail/mqueue with filenames beginning with "qf", I used vi to edit qfj35DxWRb002888. I replaced with the appropriate address and replaced all occurrences of senate.state with the correct address.

If you then want to have sendmail attempt to send the queued message immediately, you can use "sendmail -q 0 -v" to have sendmail attempt to process all queued messages once immediately. The "-q" specifies the time with zero instructing it to do it now and "-v" displaying verbose results, which will allow you to see the process of sendmail connecting to a recipient's email server and attempting to deliver the message (you might not want to use the "-v" option if you have lengthy queues).

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