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Fri, Jul 29, 2005 6:17 pm

Bash Tips

I normally use the bash shell on Unix and Linux systems. A shell is the user interface to the system. The shell on Unix and Linux systems gives you the type of interface you get with a command prompt on Windows systems. On older versions of Windows you would be issuing DOS commands at the command prompt. As you have batch files with DOS, with Unix and Linux shells you can create scripts to automate your work, though you normally get a much richer set of commands than with DOS.

Prior to the development of the bash shell there was a Bourne shell and the name Bourne Again Shell (bash) comes from the name of that prior shell. The bash shell was created by Brian Fox in 1988. He continued to work on it until 1993. Chet Ramey joined Brian in the development of bash in 1989 and Chet continued the work on bash after Brian ceased his development efforts on bash.

I've posted a few bash tips in Bash Tips

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