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Tue, Dec 12, 2006 8:03 pm

Joining a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC to a Domain

I've been looking at PCs for a Christmas gift for a family member. Many of those I've looked at come with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE). Likely as part of its marketing strategy to be able to charge more for a "business" edition of Windows, i.e. Windows XP Professional, Microsoft has crippled the MCE edition of Windows so that it can't be joined to a domain, at least not easily. I did find instructions on how to join a Windows MCE PC to a domain at Windows Media Center 2005 Can't Join Domains, though. If there is actually a way to join a system running MCE to the domain in the house, I am more apt to buy a system with that Microsoft operating system.

Oh, well, another way in which Linux is superior to Windows. Unfortunately, two users of the system use it to play GoPets and I don't believe there is a Linux client, though I did find a comment from a GoPets representative at - Usefully Cynical Commentary >> AGC Interview with GoPets! that their partner in the Phillipines have suggested a Linux client be created.

I can remember how Microsoft used to charge hundreds more for Windows NT server than it did for Windows NT Workstation. An O'Reilly webpage, Differences Between NT Server and Workstation are Minimal, states the difference was $800 and that Microsoft claimed that there were technical reasons why there were restrictions on the number of simultaneous connections you could have to a web server running on Windows NT Workstation. Yet all it took to get the same functionality on Windows NT Workstation were a couple of registry changes. For those who remember the olden days when DOS was the predominant operating system, it would be like charging hundreds more for a few simple modifications to your config.sys or autoexec.bat file.

Incidentally, I noted that GoPets Ltd. which is a company based in Korea has been engaged in a domain dispute with someone in America who was apparently cybersquatting on the domain name, putting up just a page with a handful of links at that address. Some people buy domain names using names that companies are using to do business solely so they can demand large sums of money from those companies for the domain names.

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