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Sat, Jun 19, 2010 10:18 pm

SMF Login and Registration Integration

If you want to have a login and regisration option on the main page for your website and would like to integrate the login and regisration with the Simple Machines Forum (SMF) login and registration rather than force users to login to SMF and other parts of the site separately, you can use where is the name of the server where you are running SMF. You specify the location of the index.php file, e.g., /forum/index.php, if it is located in a directory named forum beneath the root directory for the web site.

If you just want to have a page where they see nothing but a username and password prompt with a button to click on, you could create a file named login.php with the following code within it:








Note: the include_once function must be given the location of the SMF SSI.php file, e.g., forum/SSI.php, if it was located in a directory named forum beneath the root directory of the website.

That would display the following on a page:


You must not be logged into SMF when you attempt to access login.php, otherwise the login and password prompts won't be displayed when you access login.php.

If you wanted to have a register link on the main page for your site that would take someone to the SMF registration form, you could use <a href="">Register</a> for a registration link on the page. a link.

If you don't want to allow anyone access to any area of SMF without the person first logging in, e.g., you want them to see a login page if they use, then you need to deny all guest access to the forum. You can do so by logging into the administrator account for the forum, then clicking on the admin tab, then click on Features and Options under Configuration, then uncheck Allow guests to browse the forum, then click on the Save button.


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