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Wed, Sep 26, 2012 9:08 pm

Annoying "Card Member Services" call from 407-476-5700

My wife has been getting annoying "Card Member Services" calls on almost a daily basis. Today I hit *69 to get the number from which the call was being placed. The number was 407-476-5700. I hit 1 on the phone's keypad to speak with someone who claimed, when I asked him what company he worked for that he worked for the dubiously named "Card Member Services" company. I informed him that I was on the government Do Not Call list and that he shouldn't be calling. He hung up and I reported the calling number at the National Do Not Call Registry website, since our home phone number has been on that list for years. I also called the calling number where one of the options was to enter my phone number after the beep to have the company take our number off their list. There was no beep, but I entered the number anyway.

I found many others reporting such calls from 407-476-5700 over the last few months at 800notes Directory of Unknown Callers 407-476-5700. I found postings there from others on the government "Do Not Call" list and postings from people stating that requesting the company remove their number didn't put an end to such calls.

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