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Tue, Sep 22, 2015 9:12 pm

Safari CPU and Memory Usage on OS X

As with many other browsers, if you leave the Safari web browser open for an extended period of time with many tabs open, you may find that the overall system performance on a Mac OS X system decreases dramatically and you may have to suffer with the "spinning beachball" when trying to do even simple tasks, such as scrolling down a web page. The problem may be due to Safari consuming a lot of CPU cycles or most of the available memory. With some browsers, such as Firefox, where I've frequently encountered peformance issues if it is left running for a couple of days with many tabs open, it is difficult to determine which tab may be the culprit. With a browser such as Chrome, where tabs are run as separate processes, it is much easier. With Safari, you can use Debug menu options to obtain per tab memory and CPU utilization information by viewing the consumption of those resources by processes associated with those individual tabs.

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