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Thu, Dec 31, 2015 5:53 pm

Determining the day of the week for a specific date under Linux

If you want to determine the day of the week for a specific date on a Lunux system, you can provide that date as a parameter to the date command with --date.
  -d, --date=STRING
              display time described by STRING, not 'now'

E.g., to determine the day of the week for August 10, 2008, you could use the following command at a Bash prompt:

$ date --date=2008-08-10
Sun Aug 10 00:00:00 EDT 2008

If you only want to see the day of the week, e.g., day 7, "Sun", or "Sunday", then you can provide a format parameter as well as shown below:

$ date '+%u' --date=2008-08-10
$ date '+%a' --date=2008-08-10
$ date '+%A' --date=2008-08-10

The format values used above are as follows:

%a     locale's abbreviated weekday name (e.g., Sun)

%A     locale's full weekday name (e.g., Sunday)

%u     day of week (1..7); 1 is Monday

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