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Mon, May 16, 2016 7:12 am

Break out of SSH session

Sometimes after I've established an SSH connection to an SSH server, I encounter a situation where the remote system isn't responding to keyboard input and I want to terminate the SSH session and return to a command prompt. E.g., often when I've connected to a Microsoft Windows system running SSH software from my Ubuntu Linux laptop, I find that I'm in a situation where after I've entered a command at the Windows system's command prompt the remote system no longer seems to be accepting keyboard input from the Linux system. Sometimes it seems to occur when I've mistyped a Windows command and the Windows system may be waiting for further input, but doesn't seem to accept what I type. In such cases, rather than close the Terminal tab on the Linux system to terminate the connection, which then requires me to open a new tab and establish a new SSH session, I'd prefer to break out of the current SSH session and return to the shell prompt on the Linux system where I can re-establish the SSH connection. In such cases, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-D, and Ctrl-Z don't help me.

But there is an escape sequence that will allow me to terminate the current SSH session. Hitting the three keys listed below will allow me to terminate the session.

↲ Enter, ~, .

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