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Thu, Jun 02, 2016 10:56 pm

Have your Mac speak to you

The say command on a Mac OS X system can be used to have the system vocalize text you type. E.g., at a Terminal window (the Terminal application is found in Applications/Utilities) you could issue the command say "Hello world". Though you can include a period or question mark at the end of the text, if you include an exclamation mark, since that has a special meaning to the shell, you will get an error message.
$ say "hello world"
$ say "hello world."
$ say "hello world?"
$ say "hello world!"
-sh: !": event not found

You can have the words in a file spoken by using say -f filename where filename is a text file containing whatever text you wish the system to read aloud. E.g., to read the contents of saythis.txt, I could issue the command say -f saythis.txt.

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