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Sun, Jul 03, 2016 10:55 pm

Generate random numbers on a Microsoft Windows system

If you need to produce a random number on a Microsoft Windows system, you can do so at a command line interface (CLI) or in a batch file using the %RANDOM% environment variable - see Windows Environment Variables for a list of the environment variables available on Microsoft Windows systems.

To generate random numbers at the command line, you can open a command prompt window and type echo %random%.

c:\Users\Public\Documents>echo %random%

c:\Users\Public\Documents>echo %random%

c:\Users\Public\Documents>echo %random%


When you use %random%, you will get numbers between 0 and 32,767, which is 2 to the 15th power. But you can make the range of numbers smaller by using a command like the following where 0 is the lower bound for the numbers and n-1 is the upper bound of the range.

SET /a _rand=(%RANDOM%*n/32768)

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