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Fri, Aug 04, 2017 10:51 pm

Calculating working days in PHP

I have an SQLite database that I use to track work requests. Some requests are time sensitive, i.e. they need to be completed within a certain number of days from the time they are approved. So I have an "Approved" and an "Implemented" column in the database to record the date I approved a request and the date it was implemented. All requests should be completed within 5 business days, so when I display the data on a webpage with PHP, I want to see the number of elapsed working days between the time I approved a request and the time it was implemented. To do so, I use some code provided by George John at Calculate business days with a slight modification. The code I use appears below:

function getWorkingDays($startDate, $endDate)
    $begin = strtotime($startDate);
    $end   = strtotime($endDate);
    if ($begin > $end) {

        return 0;
    } else {
        $no_days  = 0;
        while ($begin <= $end) {
            $what_day = date("N", $begin);
            if (!in_array($what_day, [6,7]) ) // 6 and 7 are weekend
            $begin += 86400; // +1 day

        return $no_days - 1;

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