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Fri, Nov 17, 2017 9:25 pm

Removing all lines containing a string in vi

To remove all lines containing a particular string in the vi or Vim text editors, you can use the g command to globally search for the specified string and then, by putting a "d" at the end of the command line, specify that you want all lines containing the specified string deleted. E.g., If I wanted to remove all lines containing the string "dog", I could use the following command.


That command would also remove any lines containing "dogs", "dogged", etc. If I just wanted to remove lines containing "dog", I could use :g/dog /d.

You can, of course, specify the pattern on which you wish to search using regular expressions. E.g., if I wanted to remove any lines containing either "dog" or "hog", I could use the command below.


By putting the leters "d" and "h" within brackets, I indicate to vi that it should remove any line that has either a "d" or an "h" followed by "og".

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