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Fri, Jun 05, 2020 5:22 pm

Call from 616-465-0071 purporting to be from Amazon

My wife received a call today that was a recorded message purportedly about a suspicous Amazon charge for an iPhone. She asked me to pick up the phone, but by the time I got to the phone the call was disconnected. I used *69 to determine the calling number was 1-616-465-0071, though of course the number may have been spoofed. I searched online and didn't find anyone else reporting a fraudulent call from that number purporting to be from Amazon. I checked our Amazon account just to be certain there was no recent charge for something neither of us ordered, but I didn't see anything ordered after a recent purchase of ink for my wife's printer. I tried calling the number using *69 just to see whether I could get anyone at the other end or any identifying voice message, but only got the message "I'm sorry we can not connect your call at this time." Subsequent attempts I made to call the number resulted in a busy signal. At this point, I'm presuming the call was an attempt by a scammer to obtain information about our Amazon account or a credit card number associated with the account.

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