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Sat, Mar 14, 2009 10:51 am


Sometimes you may have an old piece of equipment that has no information on it identifying the manufacturer. If it has an FCC ID on it, you can query the FCC's database to obtain information on the manufacturer.

For instance I have an old hub with a model number of EZHub9. I couldn't find any information on the manufacturer by doing a Google or Live Search on the model number. There was an FCC ID, KFYPEH9, listed on the bottom of the device. I went to the FCC Equipment Authorization Search page and put the first 3 characters, KFY, of the ID in the Grantee Code field and the remaining characters PEH9 in the product code page. Nothing was found when I performed the search on that FCC ID, but when I searched just on the grantee code, KFY, I found the company was Runtop, Inc., a Taiwanese company. I also found a product listed for the company with a similar model number, KFYPEH5.

Applicant NameAddressCityState CountryZipFCC IDApplication Purpose Grant Date
Runtop Inc1, Ln. 21, Hsin Hua Rd. Kueishan Industry Park Taoyuan CityN/ATaiwanN/AKFYPEH5 Original Equipment10/12/1995

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