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Tue, Mar 24, 2009 9:38 pm

Furl Disappearing

I've been using Furl for maintaining online bookmarks. Furl allows you to maintain your own copy of a webpage online and to categorize and tag webpages you save through Furl. Unfortunately, Furl is disappearing. I've been wondering how long Furl would last, since it didn't show me ads when I visited my Furl archive nor when I bookmarked sites, so I didn't know how Furl was funding its continued operations.

Furl is offering one the capability to transfer one's Furl bookmarks to Diigo, so I signed up for a Diigo account and requested the transfer of my bookmarks. I've also downloaded my archived webpages from Furl.

[/network/web/archiving/furl] permanent link

Sun, Apr 02, 2006 11:25 pm

Furl Meta Tags

Furl allows you to archive webpages you visit. With Furl you can have all of your bookmarks online and available from whatever system you happen to be using at the moment wherever you may be as long as you can access the Internet from that system. When you bookmark webpages with Furl, Furl archives a copy of the webpage for you. Unless you mark bookmarks as private, you can share bookmarks with others, but only you can access the copy of a webpage that has been archived for you when you bookmarked the webpage.

When Furl bookmarks a page for you, you can have an area you have highlighted on the webpage added to a "clipping" field. You can add your own comments on the webpage to a "comment" field. You can pick a category or multiple categories for the webpage. You can create whatever categories you choose. The title for the webpage will also be stored with the bookmark for the page.

Furl will also look for "author" and "date" meta tags on the webpage. If you are creating webpages that others may Furl, you can have Furl automatically fill its "Author" and "Publication Date" fields by adding meta tags like the following to your webpages. The date should be in the form YYYY-MM-DD, i.e. year, month, day form with a leading zero added to one-digit months or days.

<META NAME="author" content="Jane Doe">
<META NAME="date" content="2006-04-02">

[/network/web/archiving/furl] permanent link

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