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Thu, Oct 18, 2012 7:34 pm

X-Fonter Upgrade from 6.4 to 7.5.2

I set up a new computer for my wife. She was using X-Fonter 6.4 on the old system to manage fonts and wanted the program on the new system, also. I downloaded the latest version of the software, which is produced by Blacksun Software from X-Fonter.

Since she had added a lot of fonts on the old system, I copied the contents of the fonts folder, C\Windows\Fonts, on the old system to the same location on the new system. I chose not to overwrite any existing font files of the same name on the new system. After adding all of her fonts to the new system, I installed the X-Fonter software on the new system. I also needed to copy the font collections she created in X-Fonter to the new system. X-Fonter uses .xfl files to store information about a "collection", i.e., a grouping of fonts that the user creates to help manage fonts.

E.g., my wife created a collection she titled "Christmas And Winter" for fonts she finds fitting for documents and webpages related to Christmas or winter themes. X-Fonter created a Christmas And Winter.xfl file that lists all of the fonts associated with that collection. E.g., see Copying X-Fonter Settings. A font can be in more than one collection.

On the old system running Windows 7 with X-Fonter 6.4, the font collections were stored in C:\Program Files\X-Fonter\Collections. On the new system, also running Windows 7, X-Fonter was installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\X-Fonter. There was no Collections directory beneath it, so I simply copied the Collections folder from the old system to that location on the new system. After deciding to make some changes to the collections on the new system, my wife inadvertently deleted a collection. When I looked in the C:\Program Files (x86)\X-Fonter\Collections folder on the new system I found that none of the .xfl collections files were there, even though she could still see the other collections in X-Fonter. Checking for .xfl files on the system, I found that the new version had moved them to C:\ProgramData\X-Fonter\Collections. The files were also appearing in C:\Users\All Users\X-Fonter\Collections, but C:\Users\All Users is just a shortcut that points to the C:\ProgramData directory. So I had her close X-Fonter on the new system and copied the .xfl file for the collection she inadvertently deleted from the old system to the C:\ProgramData\X-Fonter\Collections folder and she was then able to reopen X-Fonter and see that collection along with the others.


  1. Copying X-Fonter Settings
    Date: June 27, 2009
    MoonPoint Support

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Sat, Jun 27, 2009 8:05 pm

Copying X-Fonter Settings

I needed to copy X-Fonter settings from my wife's desktop system to a new laptop. She uses X-Fonter as a font manager. On her Windows XP desktop system, there was a folder, C:\Program Files\X-Fonter\Collection with a lot of .xfl files. I copied the contents of that folder to \Program Files (x86)\X-Fonter\Collections on the new laptop.

An X-Fonter XFL file is just a text file that lists the location of fonts that are in a font collection. For instance, my wife has a "Celtic" collection. The information for that collection is stored in Celtic.xfl, which on her old system, contained the following lines:

X-Fonter Collection
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\A\ameruncn.ttf|AmericanUncD
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\A\AONCC___.TTF|Aon Cari Celtic
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\B\boyduncial.ttf|BoydUncial
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\B\BUNCHLO.TTF|Bunchló\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\Celtasmigoria.ttf|Celtasmigoria
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celticmd.ttf|Celticmd Decorative w Drop Caps
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CELTICHD.TTF|CelticHand
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CelticEels.ttf|CelticEels
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CelticaBlack.ttf|Celtica Black
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CELTIC-1.TTF|Celtic101
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti_er.ttf|Celtic-Extended Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti_eb.ttf|Celtic-Extended Bold
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti_cr.ttf|Celtic-Condensed Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti_cb.ttf|Celtic-Condensed Bold
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CELTP___.TTF|Celtic Patterns
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti__r.ttf|Celtic Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\Celtic Knot.TTF|Celtic Knot
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CELTG___.TTF|Celtic Garamond the 2nd
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CELTF___.TTF|Celtic Frames
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti__b.ttf|Celtic Bold
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CelticB.ttf|Celtic Bold
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CRY.TTF|Cry Uncial
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\D\dahaut__.ttf|Dahaut
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\D\DS_Celtic_Border-1.ttf|DS_Celtic Border 1
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\D\DS_Celtic-2.ttf|DS_Celtic 2
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\D\DS_Celtic-1.ttf|DS_Celtic 1
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\F\FAERIE__.TTF|Faerie
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\F\FLORIMEL.TTF|Florimel.
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\F\FULLMN1.TTF|Full Moon 1
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\G\GAEIL1.TTF|Gaeilge 1 Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\G\Gaelic.ttf|Gaelic
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\K\kelt__cr.ttf|Kelt-Condensed Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\K\kelt__ci.ttf|Kelt-Condensed Italic
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\K\kelt___r.ttf|Kelt Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\K\kelt___i.ttf|Kelt Italic
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\P\Pee's Celtic Plain.ttf|Pee's Celtic Plain
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\P\Pee's Celtic outline.ttf|Pee's Celtic outline
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\P\Pee's Celtic Italic.ttf|Pee's Celtic Italic
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\N\NARROW.TTF|PR Celtic Narrow
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\S\SPIRI___.TTF|Spiral Initials
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\S\st______.ttf|Stonecross
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\S\stonehen.ttf|Stonehenge Regular
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\T\Tattoo No1.ttf|Tattoo No1
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\T\Tattoo No2.ttf|Tattoo No2
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\U\uncl1475.ttf|Uncial 1475

She had copied all of the fonts to her new laptop, but now they were in a different location. Now they were in C:\Users\Username\Documents\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\l not D:\\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\l, with l representing the letter at the beginning of the font name. That was just the convention she used for organizing her fonts.

So I needed to update the location for all of her fonts in the XFL files on the laptop. I wasn't able to edit the files from her account util I changed the security permissions on the C:\Program Files (x86)\X-Fonter\Collections directory. To change the security permisions on the directory in Microsoft Vista, take the following steps.

  1. Right-click on the folder name and chose Properties.
  2. Click on the Security tab.
  3. Click on the Edit button.
  4. When notified that Windows needs your permission to continue, click on Continue.
  5. Click on the Add button.
  6. In the "Enter the object names to select" field, type the name for the account to which you want to grant permission to edit the collections XFL files, e.g. Mary, if that happened to be the login name to which you wanted to grant that capability.
  7. Click on the Check Names button to verify the entry.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. In the permissions list, click on Full Control to give that account the capability to make any needed changes to the folder and its contents, i.e. the collections XFL files.
  10. Click on OK.
  11. Click on OK again to close the Collections Properties window.

You can then edit the XFL files from the account to make any needed changes, rather than being forced to only make changes from the administrator account.

I edited the .xfl files with Windows Notepad using its "replace" function to replace the old location with the current location for her fonts. Then when I opened X-Fonter, clicked on the Collections tab, and selected a collection by clicking on it, I could see the font listed under Font Example and the font was shown in the right pane of the X-Fonter window rather than seeing "Font not Found" under Font Exmple and just a default font in the right pane of the X-Fonter window. If X-Fonter is displaying "File not Found" in the Font Example field, you can right click on the "File not Found" message and choose Properties to see where X-Fonter is expecting to find the font.

Note: If you have X-Fonter open when you edit an XFL file, you will need to close X-Fonter and reopen it for it to see any changes you have made to the XFL file.

[/os/windows/software/fonts] permanent link

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