Codes for Short and Long Vowels in Latin

If you wish to insert vowels used in Latin in a document, such as a Microsoft Word or WordPad document, on a Microsoft Windows system to indicate vowel length, i.e., whether the vowel should be pronounced as a long or short vowel, you can use the Unicode values shown in the table below — Unicode is an encoding standard for characters in most of the world's writing systems. For Latin, a macron, which is a diacritic mark, is placed above the letter to indicate a long vowel. Sometimes a breve may also be used to indicate a short vowel. In addition to the Unicode codes, the corresponding Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) code is listed as well for displaying the characters in a web page.

To insert the characters using a Windows keyboard on a system running the Microsoft Windows operating system, type the numeric code and then hit Alt-x, i.e., hit the "Alt" and "x" keys simultaneously, after entering the numeric code. The numbers are hexadecimal numbers, so "A" through "F" represent the numbers 10 through 15; you can use either lowercase or uppercase letters. You needed to have a space before the number you enter, though, otherwise if you attempt to put "ē" in "fēmina," by typing "f" with "0113" immediately after it, the "f0113" will be replaced with a small box with a question mark within it. So place a space after the "f," type 0113, hit Alt-x, then when ē appears, remove the space before it. Also note that though Microsoft Word supports this method of entering vowels with a diacritic mark in a document not all Microsoft Office applications allow you to enter Unicode characters by this method. E.g., for Microsoft Powerpoint, you will need to use the Character Map method of entering such characters, instead.

Unicode Character
ĀĀ0100 Ā (A - macron)
āā0101 ā (a - macron)
ĂĂ0102 Ă (A - breve)
ăă0103 ă (a - breve)
ĒĒ0112 Ē (E - macron)
ēē0113 ē (e - macron)
ĔĔ0114 ĕ (E - breve )
ĕĕ0115 ĕ (e - breve )
ĪĪ012A Ī (I - macron)
īī012B ī (i - macron)
ĬĬ012C Ĭ (I - breve)
ĭĭ012D ĭ (i - breve)
ŌŌ014C Ō (O - macron)
ōō014D ō (o - macron)
ŎŎ014E Ŏ (O - breve)
ŏŏ014F ŏ (o - breve)
ŪŪ016A Ū (U - macron)
ūū016B ū (u - macron)
ŬŬ016C Ŭ (U - breve)
ŭŭ016D ŭ (u - breve)



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