Searching browsing history for a specified period with BrowsingHistoryView

I performed a malware scan of a system with McAfee Total Protect on 2016-12-14 which found malware that was apparently placed on the system on December 8, 2016. Since BrowsingHistoryView from Nir Sofer provides a means to examine the browsing history stored on a system for many browsers, I installed it on the system - the installation process consists of simply extracting the files contained in the zip file you can download from the NirSoft website - in an attempt to determine the source for the malware. I thought there might be an entry in the browsing history for a time near the time stamp on the malware file that would reveal a website from which it might have been downloaded. BrowsingHistoryView allows one to view the browsing history for the following browsers:

When I ran BrowsingHistoryView, I selected "Load history items from the following time range" for the "Filter by visit date/time" selection. The time stamp on the malware was December 8, 2016 11:13 AM; I specified the time range as 12/8/2016 8:00 AM to 12/8/2016 11:15 AM.

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BrowsingHistoryView Advanced Options

The Advanced Options window where you can specify a time range to use in filtering the browsing history display appears when you first start the program. You can also get to that menu by selecting Options and then Advanced Options after you've run a scan to make changes to the filter and rerun the scan with the new settings.

That scan didn't return any results nor did other scans return any entries when I expanded the time range on that day, e.g., setting the start time to be 1:00:00 AM, even though I could see entries for that day during the time periods I specified when I looked at the entries found if I scanned using the default scan setting of the last 10 days. So there appears to be a bug in the BrowsingHistoryView software regarding filtering on time ranges. I was able to see the entries for that day when I expanded the time range to be from 7:30:00 AM to 7:00:00 PM, but there were no entries after 9:14 AM on that day, so I wasn't able to determine where the malware may have come from using BrowsingHistoryView in this case.

BrowsingHistoryView Found


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