Jubril Udeh Scam

An example of a scam where the perpretrator attempts to convince the recipient of the message that he or she can collect a large amount of money by posing as next of kin to a deceased tycoon, Levy Shimony.

The message headers show the origination point of the message:

Received: from ( [])
	as user jubriludeh14@cooperationtogo.net@mail.ynternet.org by mail.ynternet.org with HTTP;
	Tue, 28 Sep 2004 12:46:15 +0200

From: jubriludeh14@cooperationtogo.net
Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2004 6:46 AM
To: jubriludeh14@cooperationtogo.net
Subject: From Mr. Jubril Udeh, Cameron !

From Desk of Mr Jubril Udeh.
B.P, 20545 Rue Du La,
Malivie Sité Gevipe..
E-mail: jubriludeh@lexpress.net

Dear Cameron.

This letter is not intended to cause any embarrassment in whatever form,rather it is intended to contact your esteemed self, following the knowledge of your high repute and trust worthiness. Firstly,I must solicit your confidentiality.I know that a proposal of this magnitude will make anyone apprehensive and Worried, but I am assuring you that it is made in good faith and will be of mutual benefit.

With due respect and honour, I am Mr Jubril Udeh Manager of Credit and Accounts Department of North Atlantic Securities Sarls Lome-Togo Republic.

I write you in respect of a foreign customer who died in plane crash in March 2001. All on board perished in the crash, Since the demise of this our customer Mr Levy Shimony a Lebanese Import and Export Tycoon here in Lome Togo. I have kept a close monitoring of the Deposit records and Accounts, Since nobody has come to claim the money in this Company as Next of Kin to the Late Mr Levy Shimony has only ($10.5MUSD) in the security company and his fund is coded it is only an insider that could produce the code or the password of the deposit particulars.

However, as it stands now there is nobody in that position to produce the needed information other than my very self considering my position in the company . Based on the reasons that nobody has come for the claims of the Deposit as Next of Kin.

I solicit for your co-operation to use your name as the Next of Kin to the Deceased to this funds out to a foreign offshore Bank Account for mutual sharing between me and you only as i am the only one with the informations because i have removed the Deposit File from the safe by this doing. So what is required of you is to send an Application seeking claims of the Deposit as Next of Kin to the Late Mr Levy Shimony. I will send you specimen of Application as soon as you confirm your readiness to assist me move the funds out of the vault of our Company.

In view of this development i beg for your assistant and full co-operation to come and lay claim to this Deposit as the Next of Kin to Mr Levy Shimony and you should bear in mind that there is no risk involve in this business as you will be equiped with all the vital information of the Deposit and the Code. Moreso,your country of origin does not matter, But what matter's is you as the Next of Kin having all the necessary informations / Documents that back up your claims. So Note that all the modalities for a hitch free transactionhas been perfected from my side by suppliying you with all the Deposit particulars.

I have agreed to share this money with you in the mutual understanding of 40% / 60% you keep 40 while i keep 60 how about that ? You have merited this percentage because you will provide the A/C where we shall finally transfer the funds into on a successful claiming of the Deposit. My 60% will remain in the A/C pending my arrival in your country for disbursement and subsequent Investment.

Finally for you the immediate take off this transaction you have to confirm your willingness and readiness to assist me retrive this Deposit, Then I will send to you an Application Text and other vital informations you need to know about the Deposit.

Your response is highly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Jubril Udeh.

Please reply to (jubriludeh@lexpress.net)thank you.

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