Microsoft AntiSpyware and UltraVNC

Microsoft AntiSpyware will detect UltraVNC and report it as a moderate threat. To prevent Microsoft AntiSpyware from reporting UltraVNC as a threat each time it scans a system, take the following steps:
  1. To the left of each of the threats Microsoft AntiSpyware detects will be a list of options, which are "Ignore", "Quarantine", "Remove", and "Always Ignore". Change this value to "Always Ignore" and click on Continue.
  2. You will be queried "Are you sure you would like to perform the following actions on the detected spyware?" Click on Yes.
  3. Microsoft AntiSpyware
detected UltraVNC

If you have Microsoft AntiSpyware on the system and don't instruct it to always ignore UltraVNC, it is highly likely that some user will have Microsoft AntiSpyware remove it, since he or she won't understand its use. If you use it for remotely diagnosing problems, then you will lose that capability, if that occurs.