Creating a signature in Microsoft Outlook for MAC 2011

Email clients often allow you to create a signature block that will automatically be added to the bottom of every email message you compose. Signatures typically contain items such as the sender's name, email address, physical address, phone numbers, company name, etc. To create such a signature in Outlook 2011, which is part of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, take the following steps inside Outook:
  1. Click on Outlook on Outlook's menu bar and select Preferences.

    Outlook - select Preferences

    Or you can hit command,, i.e., the command and comma keys to bring up the Preferences window.

  2. Click on Signatures in the E-mail section.

    Outlook Preferences

  3. To edit the Standard signature click on it to put a check in the check box next to it and then type the signature you wish to have appended to outgoing email messages in the Signature pane at the right side of the Signatures window.

    Outlook 2011 - Signatures

    If you want to create another signature, you can click on the plus sign, + near the bottom, left corner of the window.

  4. Click on the Default Signatures button, which will open a window where you will see your email account listed..

    Outlook 2011 - Default Signature

  5. Click on the double arrowheads on the right side of the window under "Default signature" then select "Standard" or another signature, if you created another one.
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    Default Signature - Standard

  6. You will then see the selected signature under "Default signature". Click on OK.

    Standard signature selected

  7. You can then close the Signatures window by clicking on the red circle with an "x" in it in the upper left corner of the Signatures window.

    Outlook 2011 - Signatures

When you compose a new message, you should then see the signature you created appear automatically at the bottom of the message.

Outlook new message with signature


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