Obtaining a Command Prompt on a Windows 8 System

You can use several methods to obtain a command prompt on a Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1 system.

Method 1

  1. If you are already at the Windows 8 Start Screen, type cmd
    Windows 8 Start Screen
    Windows 8 Start Screen

    If you don't see the Windows 8 Start Screen, hit Ctrl-Esc, i.e., hit the Ctrl and Esc keys simultaneously, to get to that screen, then type cmd.

  2. You should see a box with "Command Prompt" appearing to the right of an icon showing "C:\_" and beneath "Apps Results for "cmd". Click somewhere within that box. If you need to open a command prompt providing administrator level access, right-click on that box and select "Run as administrator".

    Apps results for cmd

Method 2

  1. Hit the Windows key and X simultaneously. You will then see the "Quick Links" menu of options below. Select Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) if you need to run a command with administrator privileges.

    Windows-X menu

Using either method, should give you a command prompt window similar to the following where you can type commands.

Command Prompt window

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Created: March 15, 2014