Name: balance-3.32.tar.gz
Description: Balance
Version: 3.32
Size: 34 KB (34,709 bytes)
MD5 Sum: f9b3ea2d2e0838e7da2f7c4b0f2e5deb
Developer: Inlab Software GmbH
Developer Website:
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Download URL:
Obtained On: 3/03/2006
Requirements: Balance successfully runs at least on Linux (386), Linux (Itanium), FreeBSD, BSD/OS, Solaris, Cygwin, Mac-OS X, HP-UX and many more.
Purchase Information: Free.
License: GNU Public Licence (GPL)
Redistributable: Yes
Comments: Balance is a load balancing solution. It is a simple but powerful generic tcp proxy with round robin load balancing and failover mechanisms. Its behaviour can be controlled at runtime using a simple command line syntax.