Description: RealPopup
Version: 2.6 Build 167
Size: 1.73 MB (1,815,621 bytes)
MD5 Sum: 69cce219c1cd037c3f55c5c12122b435
Developer: Matro
Developer Website:
Obtained From: Download.Com
Download URL: Download.Com
Obtained On: 9/24/2005
Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/7/2003 Server. Linpopup for Linux, can exchange messages with RealPopup; just remember to include the Linpopup system in the WinPopup group defined on the users and groups options pane.

Before installing RealPopup on Windows NT3, NT4 and Windows 95, download and install the Microsoft common controls upgrade pack.
Purchase Information: Freeware, though a donation is appreciated.
License: RealPopup License
Redistributable: Yes
Comments: RealPopup replaces old winpopup with a full featured tool which remains stable and simple as its predecessor. RealPopup is fully integrated with your LAN environment. It supports many useful features such as hypertext's options for users and groups, an internal network browser, names auto complete, and so on. RealPopup is available in more than 12 languages.

Version 2.6 build 167 features WTS compatibility.

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