Totally Free Burner

Name: TotallyFreeBurner.exe
Description: Totally Free Burner
Version: 6.0
Size: 1.5 MB  (1527997 bytes)
MD5 Sum: dece7e4cbd0c3ca7d6523fc0b5ee95b1
Developer: SABSoft
Developer Website: SABSoft
Obtained On: 2010-03-11
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Download URL:
Requirements: Windows
Purchase Information: Free; there is a 30-second countdown timer before the program starts, if you use the software in free unlicensed mode. A lifetime license costs $19.95
License: Free for any purpose
Redistributable: Yes
Comments: Totally Free Burner is a CD/DVD burner with a nice, minimalistic interface and an excellent range of features which will cover most people's CD/DVD burning needs.

Totally Free Burner is a Free application that allows it's user to Burn Audio, Video or Data CDs or DVDs quickly and easily. With Totally Free Burner, a user can create an Audio CD using mp3, wma, ogg and wav files, create a VideoCD from Mpeg1 VCD files, create a Data CD/DVD ISO9960 and Joliet (Multisession), create a Data CD/DVD UDF, create a Video DVD from existing DVD files and create a CD/DVD from BIN/ISO image directly. The application is both powerful and simple to use.

Burn Audio CD using mp3, wma, ogg and wav files
Burn VideoCD from Mpeg1 VCD files
Burn Data CD/DVD ISO9960 and Joliet (Multisession)
Burn Data CD/DVD UDF
Burn Video DVD from existing DVD files
Burn CD/DVD from BIN/ISO image directly


  1. Support all current hardware interfaces (IDE/SCSI/USB/1394/SATA)
  2. Burn Multi-Session or Disc-at-Once mode to ALL supported media formats
  3. Support UDF/ISO9660/Joliet Bridged file systems (any combination)
  4. Support UNICODE for multi-byte languages
  5. On-the-fly burning for all image types (no staging to hard drive first)
  6. Create Bootable data discs or images
  7. Auto-verification of data images
  8. Automatic selection of burn modes for Disc-at-Once operations (no special device knowledge required)

Totally Free Burner can also be easily converted into a portable application.

How to Make Totally Free Burner Portable:

  1. Download the TotallyFreeBurner.exe installer
  2. Click TotallyFreeBurner.exe and proceed to install to your PC
  3. Copy the Totally Free Burner folder from C:\Program Files\TotallyFree Free Burner to your Flash Drive
  4. Click TotallyFreeBurner.exe from the folder to launch the program

Note: You can uninstall TotallyFreeFreeBurner from your PC after you have copied the folder to your portable device.

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