Emprex DVDRW 1116IM Drive

DVD-1016IM Emprex
DVD Dual 16x
Double Layer
Internal DVD ±R/RW Drive

 WriteRewrite Read
DVD+16x-16x +8x-4x16x
CD 48x 24x48x

DVD+R DL - 4x 8.5 GB


Package Contents

To change the face plate, take off the existing drive face plate then stick an unbent paperclip in the hole in the drive below where the drive tray pops out (there is a hole in the face plate also that allows you to use this method to eject the tray when the system is powered off). When you stick the unbent paperclip in the hole, that will force the drive tray out. There is a small face plate on the front of the tray itself; remove it. Put the new drive face plate on before putting on the tray face plate. You need to put the drive face plate on first, since when the tray closes, its face plate rests against the outside of the drive's face plate. There are two tabs on the bottom of the tray's faceplate, you have to unseat those and push upwards to remove the tray's faceplate.

System Requirements

Application Software Received with Drive Manufactured 2005/07

Manufacturer's Website: Emprex DVDRW1116IM 16X Double Layer 8.5GB DVD+/-RW Drive

EMPREX is a trademark of Emprex Technologies Corp.
For additional product information, please visit Emprex website: www.emprex.com

Technical support:
USA: www.allsupport.net
EU: tech_eu@empres.com
Germany: support@emprex.de
UK support@emprex.com.uk
Other regions: service@emprex.com

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