Inverting the display on a Dell 5100MP Projector

During a meeting I was in today, the projector, a Dell 5100MP projector, stopped displaying anything on the screen. The projector was mounted to the ceiling and thus was mounted upside down, so the buttons on top would be accessible. To fix the problem someone stood on the conference table and after powering the projector on and off didn't work, unplugged the power to the projector. After it was powered back on, it appeared to revert to the factory default setting for the display resulting in the display on the screen being upside down. I found the manual for the projector online, which listed the following steps to take from the management menu to invert the image displayed for ceiling-mounted projection:
  1. From the Main menu, select Management.

    Dell 5100MP Main Menu width

  2. From the Management menu, select Projection Mode.

    Dell 5100MP Management Menu

  3. Select Front Projection-Ceiling Mount.

Front Projection-Desktop is the default setting.

The Management menu can be found on page 29 of the Dell 5100MP Projector User's Guide. The manual can be downloaded from the preceding link on this site or the Dell website at Manuals & documentation for your Dell 5100MP Projector.


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