Iomega 40 MB Clik! Drive

Iomega Clik! Card Drive box image

The Clik! drive fits in the PC Card drive which is built into most PC laptops. It reads tiny 40MB Clik! disks. It is easy to install - no need for power cords or cables.

Quik Sync, included with the Clik! PC Card Drive, automatically saves designated files to a Clik! disk. Quik Sync also allows for a way to keep track of your latest document updates.

Note: The Clik! drive for PC laptops comes with drivers for Windows 95 and 98, but the Clik! Mobile drive will also work when used with a PCMCIA slot on a system running Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Me using the native drivers in those operating systems1 It will also work with Windows NT 4.0, but you may need to install the latest Service Pack from Microsoft 2.

System Requirements


Iomega Clik! drive and disk 
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