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If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to using OxiClean for removing stains or are just interested in its composition or how it works, I've posted a document created by "The Keeper" on September 20, 1999 titled The Truth Behind OxiClean. The author of the document states the following:
I would be willing to bet that it is made by creating a saturated solution of sodium carbonate in hydrogen peroxide, then either letting the hydrogen peroxide evaporate and collecting the crystals left behind, or filtering the solution, letting the filter dry, then collecting the resulting precipitate.

The material safety data sheet (MSDS), which is a form with data regarding the properties of a particular substance, for OxiClean with an issue date of March 12, 2007 is here (original source). That document lists the following ingredients for OxiClean.

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Ingredients
Chemical Ingredients% By Wt.
Sodium carbonate55-65%
Sodium carbonate Peroxyhydrate30-40%
Ethoxylated Alcohol C12-C162-4%

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate (128860) Fact Sheet:

Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate is a granular substance made by combining sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. The following is its mode of action: When water is present, the compound breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. The hydrogen peroxide oxidizes and thus kills the target pests. After contact, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down harmlessly into water and oxygen. (CAS No. 15630-89-4)

Another ingredient, Sodium carbonate, also known as washing soda or soda ash), Na2CO3 is a sodium salt of carbonic acid.

The site Using Hydrogen Peroxide lists numerous ways you can use hydrogen peroxide, including for cleaning. The creator of that website indicates it works well for cleaning carpet stains as well as yellowed plastic.

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