TCP 2R3016 6 Watt - 65 Watt Equal - Warm White Bulb

The TCP 2R3016 16-watt
R30 The "R" stands for reflector and indicates there is a mirrored coating on the back of the light bulb to improve light output. The number following the letter in a recessed light bulb indicates size: it's the diameter of the light bulb in eighths of an inch. So, an R30 is 30/8 inches, or three and 3/4 inches in diameter.
compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb is suitable for recessed lights, aka canister lights, cans, pot lights, and for track lighting, or outdoor lighting. The TCP CFL is a one-piece reflector and it is UL approved for wet locations. You can replace an ordinary 65-watt incandescent light bulb with this R30 CFL bulb to lower maintenance costs and energy consumption. The bulb lasts 8,000 hours and provides warm white illumination.
2R3016 bulb


MPN (Part No.):2R3016-27K
UL Listed:Wet Locations
Bulb Shape:R30
Bulb Color:Warm White
Color Temperature:2700 Kelvin
Life Hours:8,000
Wattage:16 Watt
Incandescent Equal:65 Watt
Base Type:Medium (E26)
Start Temp. (Min):-20 Deg. F
Start Temp. (Max):160 Deg. F
Length:5.7 in.
Diameter:3.7 in.

TCP# 2R3016
Model: 2R3016
120V 60Hz
16W 0.270A

PDF icon TCP Compact Flourescent Lamps Spec Sheet

E149698 self ballasted lamp 61Y6
Not for use with dimmers

Note: flourescent lamps contain mercury and should be properly disposed of rather than being placed with regular household trash when they burn out; Home Depot has a recycling program for flourescent bulbs.

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