Rdesktop Connect a Smart Card Message

When I attempted to connect to a Windows Server 2012 domain controller from an Ubuntu Linux system using the rdesktop application on the Ubuntu system, I would receive a "Connect a smart card" message when I got to the login screen and clicked on the relevant account. Putting the username and domain name as arguments to the rdesktop command with the -u and -d arguments respecively did not help.
$ rdesktop -0 -u Thomas -d Midland

I was able to get around the problem by also using the -p option, which can be used to specify the password to use for logging into the remote system. E.g., -p password where password is the password for the account on the remote system. If you don't want to provide the password on the command line, which would record it in the command history information in ~/.bash_history for your account, if you are using the Bash shell, you can use -p -, instead. I.e., place a space than a dash character after the -p to have rdesktop prompt you for the password.

$ rdesktop -0 -u Thomas -d Midland -p -
Autoselected keyboard map en-us

I was then able to successfully log into the Windows system. I had to switch rdesktop from windowed mode to full-screen mode in order to access applications on the Microsoft Windows system, though.


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