Remote Management of a Comcast Business Router

If you have a Comcast Business Router and wish to allow it to be managed from a remote location, you can take the following steps, which apply to a Cisco model number DPC3941B router (the model number is on the bottom of the router).
  1. After logging into the router, click on Advanced in the selection list at the left side of the main window.

    Comcast Business Router - Advanced

  2. Click on Remote Management.

    Comcast Business Router - Remote

  3. Under "Remote Management," you can select which ports will be used for remote management of the router. By default, HTTP access will be allowed on port 8080 and HTTPS access on port 8181, if you click on the Enable button for either of those remote management options. If your router was at address, you could access your Comcast Business router via or, if you enabled both options. Note, however, that if you use the HTTP option, it may be possible for others to observe the username and password you are using to log into the router by "sniffing" network traffic, so you may not want to enable HTTP access. If you don't know the fully qualified domain name assigned to the outside interface of your router, you can go to a site such as from a system connected to the router to determine the public IP address assigned to the outside interface, i.e., the one facing the Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the address was, for instance, you could then use to manage the router remotely from whatever IP address or addresses you allowed to remotely manage the router. If you enable one of the ports for remote access, you will be asked to confirm that you wish to do so with the message "WARNING: Enabling Remote Management will expose your Gateway GUI to Internet. Your Gateway will only be protected by your logon password. Are you sure you want to continue?" Click on the OK button to allow access on the selected port.
  4. Under "Remote Access Allowed From," you can then provide a single IP address or range of IP addresses from which to allow remote management of the router.
  5. After you have configured the remote access options, click on the Save button at the bottom of the Remote Management window.

Note: If you haven't changed the default password prior to enabling remote management, you will see a warning that "You have logged in with default password. Please change your password to continue enabling Remote Management" so you should change the default password prior to enabling remote management of the router.

Remote Management

To change the default password, click on Troubleshooting on the left side of the window to access a Change Password option.

Comcast Business
router change password