wants to use confidential information in your keychain

When I sat down at my MacBook Pro laptop running OS X El Capitan today, I saw the message below (image):

Safari wants to use your confidential
information stored in "A49A5BE4-6FB4-4399-9EB3-3DBA06717BEF"
in your keychain.

Do you want to allow access to this item?


The "A49A5BE4-6FB4-4399-9EB3-3DBA06717BEF" wasn't an identifier I recognized. If you see such a message, you can search for the identifier in the message using the Keychain Access application, which is located in the Applications/Utilities folder. After opening the program, click on Edit and then select Find. In the upper, right-hand corner of the window, you will see a field to the right of a magnifying glass icon where you can type the text for which you wish to search. I could type just part of the string, e.g. "A49A5" to locate the relevant entry.

Keychain entry

If you wish to see the password for the entry, you can check the check box next to "show password"; you will be prompted to provide the keychain password to see the password for that particular entry in the keychain.

If you know the account for an entry, you can also look up the password from the command line using the security command from the command line by opening a Terminal window and issuing a command like the one below:

$ security find-internet-password -ga "ABC.EXAMPLE.COM\jasmith1" | grep "password"
password: "ThePassword1234"