Ukrainian Forum Spammer

Someone registered on a community forum my wife runs last night. When she checked the forum postings today, she found that he had posted a message, which wasn't in English, that contained links to porn sites. She deleted the message and I banned his IP address. When I performed a Google search on his email address, I found that this person apparently searches for forums where he can engage in this behavior. When he registered on the forum, he used the following information:
Name:  DiuttyambirmViacy 
Posts:  0 (N/A per day) 
Position:  Newbie 
Date Registered:  July 23, 2010, 03:12:11 PM 
Last Active:  Today at 05:02:52 AM 

ICQ: 78430 
Website:  punkie webshop 
Current Status:   Offline  

Gender:  Male 
Age: N/A 
Location: USA 
Local Time: July 24, 2010, 05:24:31 AM 

When I performed a Google search on the email address he used, I found the following at Stop Forum Spam:

We catch a lot of spammers trying to register on forums. And we post their details here.

We currently have information on 1104952 spammers since about December 2006. Here is the last 12 hours worty of spammers caught in our traps. Or enter an IP address, email address, or username below to search.

This list is updated every five minutes

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7/24/10 5:54 AM Ukraine



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Created: Saturday July 24, 2010