Remote Screen Sharing using VNC on a Mac OS X System

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A Mac OS X system that is functioning as a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server can be remotely accessed using VNC client software that comes with the OS X operating sytem, which will allow you to see what appears on the screen of the system remotely and control that remote system just as if you were sitting at the system using its keyboard and mouse.

On another Mac OS X system, you can use the VNC client software from inside the Safari web browser that is present on OS X systems. Instead of typing http: followed by an address of a website, you specify VNC as the protocol followed by the address of the remote system. E.g. vnc:// You can click in the URL address field of Safari to enter the addres or hit the Command and L keys simultaneously to go to the address field.

If you just enter vnc:// and hit enter without specifying the address of the remote system, a window will pop up where you will be prompted for the address of the remote system.

An alternative method for connecting rather than initiating the connection from within Safari is to hit the Command and K keys simultaneously within the OS X Finder application. A connect to server window will then open where you can type the name, e.g. or IP address of the remote system, e.g.

OS X Connect to Server

When the remote system connects to the system you wish to monitor or control, you will be prompted as to whether you wish to connect as Guest or as a registered user. You will only be able to connect as Guest if that has been allowed. Likewise you will only be able to connect as a registered User, if that user account has been granted permission to remotely access the system - see Configuring a Mac OS X 10.6 System to Provide VNC Access, if the remote system hasn't yet been appropriately configured for instructions on setting up the remote system. Enter your userid and password for the remote system to log into it as you would normally do if sitting at the system.

OS X remote access name password 

Once you are logged in, you should be able to control the system remotely just as if you were sitting at the system.

Note: VNC software is available for a variety of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc.