Configuring Outlook 2003 to Check a Gmail Account

To configure Microsoft Outlook 2003 to download email from a Gmail account, take the following steps:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on Tools.
  3. Select E-mail Accounts.
  4. Select Add a new e-mail account.

    Add a new e-mail account

  5. Click on Next.
  6. Select POP3 to "Connect to a POP3 e-mail server to download your e-mail."

    Connect to a POP3 e-mail server

  7. Click on Next.
  8. In the Internet E-mail Settings (POP3) window put whatever you want to appear for Your Name. Put the relevant email address in the E-mail Address field and put your user name and password in those fields. For your user name, you can add the "" or leave it off; it works either way. You can have Outlook remember your password, if you wish by leaving the "Remember password" checkbox checked. For Incoming mail server (POP3) use and use for the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field. You can leave "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)" unchecked.

    Internet e-mail settings

  9. Click on the More Settings button.
  10. Under the General tab for the additional settings, you can leave the mail account name as, change it to Gmail, or anything that you wish to use for the name. You can leave the Organization and Reply E-mail fields blank, if you wish. If you want messages you send from this account to have a "reply-to" address that is different from the email address for the account, you can put an email address in the Reply E-mail field.

    More settings

  11. Click on the Advanced tab.
  12. For Incoming server (POP3), change the port from 110 to 995 and check "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)". Port 995 is used for encrypted downloads of email, whereas the default POP3 port of 110 is normally used for unencrypted dowloading of email.

    For Outgoing server (SMTP), change the port from 25 to 465. Port 25 is the default Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) port for sending email from an email client to a server, but port 465 is often used for encrypted sending of email.

    Advanced settings

    Note: the email you download from the Gmail account into Outlook doesn't get deleted from the Gmail email servers no matter whether you check "Leave a copy of messages on the server" under the Advanced tab or leave it unchecked.
  13. Click on OK.
  14. Click on Next.
  15. Click on the Finish button.


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