Somone else is still using this PC

I connected remotely to a Microsoft Windows 10 system using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). I updated some software on the system which required a reboot, so I clicked on the Windows Start button and chose to restart the system, however I saw the message "Someone else is still using this PC. If you restart now, they could lose unsaved work." There was a "Restart anyway" button, but, since it was late on a Sunday night, I didn't think anyone else should be accessing the system.

Learning Network Technology and Security
Learning Network Technology and Security
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Someone else is still using this PC

I performed a remote login to another system in the office that I thought might have files open on the system I had been working on, but saw, though Adobe Acrobat was open on that system, the file it had open was on another system. So to determine what other account was accessing the system on which I upgraded the software, I opened the Task Manager, which you can open on a Windows 10 system by typing Task Manager in the Cortana "Ask me anything" field and then selecting the Task Manager desktop app when it is returned in the results list..

If you see "no apps running" in the Task Manager window, click on "More details".

Task Manager - no running apps

Then, on the Task Manager window, click on the Users tab near the top of the window.

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Windows 10 Task Manager

In this case, I was logged into the Administrator account to perform the software upgrades and I could see the other account listed was the account for the primary user of the system.

Windows 10 Task Manager Users

The status for her account was "Disconnected". I had logged into her account initially to verify she didn't have any open files after the system had notified me someone else was logged into the system and I would log off the other account if I logged into the administrator account. I had then chosen to disconnect from her account before logging in as the administrator account. So I chose to proceed with the system restart.