Windows Easy Transfer from Windows XP to Windows 7

If you are upgrading a prior version of Windows, such as Windows XP or Vista, to Windows 7, you can use the Windows Easy Transfer program to transfer files and settings for accounts from the prior version to Windows 7.

After you've installed and started the program, you will see a window indicating the items that can be transferred by the software, which includes user accounts, documents, e-mail, Internet Explorer favorites, music, pictures, and videos, if you've stored them in the standard Windows folders for them.

Windows Easy Transfer start

When you click on Next, you will be asked to choose the transfer method from among the following options:

Windows Easy Transfer method options

If you want to save the information to an internal drive in the computer, you can choose the "An external hard disk or USB flash drive" option, since you will get to choose the drive where the backup of the information will be stored later and can choose any drive you wish.

When you've selected the transfer method, you will be asked "Which computer are you using now?" If you are running the software on the old system, you simply click on "This is my old computer."

Windows Easy Transfer old computer selection

The software will check on what can be transferred for each account on the old system. You can choose to not transfer the settings for some accounts, if you wish, by unchecking the accounts for which you don't need to transfer settings.

Windows Easy Transfer choices

When you click on Next, you will be given the option to password protect the backup file that will be created. If you don't want to password protect the file, simply click on Save without specifying a password.

Windows Easy Transfer password option

If you've selected to transfer the files over the network or to another drive, you will see a window where you can pick the location for storing the backup. By default, it will be named "Windows Easy Transfer - Items from old computer", but you can choose whatever name you wish. The backup file created by Windows Easy Transfer will have a .MIG extension.

You should wait until the transfer is completed before engaging in other activities on the computer.

Windows Easy Transfer saving settings

When the transfer of settings is completed, click on Next. You will see a window informing you that the transfer is complete and showing where it has been saved.

Windows Easy Transfer completed

Click Close at the next window.

Windows Easy Transfer close

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