Viewing available upgrades in Radia Client Automation Application Self-Service Manager

If the Radia Client Automation Self-Service Manager is in use on a Mac OS X system, the app may be found in the Applications/HPCA/Agent folder on the system's disk drive. You can double-click on Application Self Service to see what software updates are available for the system. If the system isn't connected to the corporate network, e.g., if you need to establish a virtual private network (VPN) connection to be able to connect to the server, and you see the message "Error code 769 encountered during the connect. Do you want to work offline?", you can click on Yes to still see available updates stored on the system which you can install.

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Radia error code 769

You can click on a software package in the list the program displays to see the vendor for the application and a URL for the vendor.

Radia software list

If you select Services and then Information from the menu bar at the top of the Client Automation Application Self-Service Manager window or double-click on an entry in the list, you can determine the amount of disk drive space associated with a particular application that is awaiting installation.

Radia service information

If you wish to install a listed application, you can select Services and then Install from the menu bar. The Install option will be grayed out, if you don't have access to the server on the corporate network.

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Radia install selection

Once you select Install, you will see the progress of the download displayed.

Radia installation download