Downloading Panopto videos with Microsoft Edge

To download a video hosted on Panopto, such as a class lecture, using the Microsoft Edge browser you can right-click on the smaller display of the video which appears at the upper, right-hand side of the page for the video and choose "View page source" then hit Ctrl-F, i.e, both the Ctrl and F keys simultaneously, and then in the search field that appears type .mp4 and hit Enter. Among the results found you should see one that has a meta name of twitter:player:stream as in the example below:

<meta name="twitter:player:stream" content="" />

You can copy the URL which appears after content= into the browser tab, which should allow you to open the video in a page from which you can download the video by right-clicking on it and choosing "Save video as." You may want to give the downloaded video a name that is more meaningful than the than the default one which will be a long string of hexadecimal characters.

Alternatively, you can take the following steps from the page where you see the video if you had not taken the above steps:

  1. Right-click on the video and choose "Inspect."
  2. Hit Ctrl-F, i.e., hit the Ctrl and f keys simultaneously to allow you to search the HTML code for ".mp4," then type .mp4 in the "Find by string, selector, or XPath" field.

    Find by

  3. You should then see ".mp4" highlighted above that search field in the area of the HTML code where the video URL is referenced.

    MP4 found

  4. Right-click on the area where the reference to the video was found and choose "Copy" and then "Copy outerHTML."

    Copy outerHTML

  5. Open a document in Microsoft Notepad or some other editor and then paste the contents of the Windows Clipboard into the document, e.g., by choosing Edit and Paste in Notepad, or just hit Ctrl-V in most applications. Then select just the video URL, e.g., the part from "https" through ".mp4." Copy the URL and then paste it into a tab in the browser. You should then be able to rightclick on the video in the browser tab where you pasted the URL and select "Save video as" to save the video to your local system (you may want to give it a more meaningful name than the default one which will be a long string of hexadecimal characters.

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