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Sat, Aug 15, 2015 9:34 pm

Locating the database used for an SMF forum

You may occasionally need to know the name of the database used for Simple Machines Forum (SMF) installation, e.g., perhaps while troubleshooting a problem or if you need to modify an entry in a table or remove all of the tables for the forum with phpMyAdmin. To identify the database, in the directory where the forum files are stored, look for Settings.php . Look for the "Database Info" section in the file:

########## Database Info ##########
$db_type = 'mysql';
$db_server = 'localhost';
$db_name = 'jane_smf';
$db_user = 'jane';
$db_passwd = 'ASecretPwd';
$ssi_db_user = '';
$ssi_db_passwd = '';
$db_prefix = 'janeswebsite_';
$db_persist = 0;
$db_error_send = 0;

In the above example, I can see that the database name is jane_smf and that the userid for access to the database through MySQL or MariaDB is jane with a password of ASecretPwd. Within the jane_smf database, the tables for her forum begin with janeswebsite_. One database could be used for multiple forums with the tables for each beginning with a specific database prefix.

If you do need to remove all of the tables beginning with a specific prefix from a database, e.g., in the case where a database is used for multiple forums, you can use the instructions at Dropping tables with a similar prefix from a MySQL database to remove just those for a specific forum.

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