Calendar Plugin for Blosxom

Description: Calendar Plugin for Blosxom
Version: 0+6i
Size: 7.2 KB (7,323 bytes)
MD5 Sum: 0f734ee77cb425442d4f4ea13f3bcc94
Developer: Todd Larason <jtl (at)>
Developer Website:
Obtained On: 8/30/2004
Obtained From:
Download URL:
Requirements: Blosxom
Purchase Information: Free
Redistributable: Yes
Comments: This plugin for Blosxom weblogging software allows you to place a calendar on your blog that will provide links to archived postings.

Take the following steps to install the plugin:

  1. Unzip the file and install the extracted zip file in your Blosxom plugins directory. Make sure it's world-readable, which you can set on a Unix or Linux system by the command chmod 744 calendar.
  2. Modify a head or footer file to include $calendar::calendar, $calendar::month_calendar or $calendar::year_calendar.


  1. Calendar Plugin 0+6i


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Created: Thursday April 13, 2006