Name: kripp-0.6.1a.tar.gz
Description: KRIPP
Version: 6.1a
Size: 14 KB  (14316 bytes)
MD5 Sum: bfa4474427bb561750ae6f69da98f189
Developer: konst
Developer Website: konst
Obtained On: May 18, 2006
Obtained From:
Download URL:
Requirements: Perl and tecpdump
Purchase Information: Free
License: GPL v2
Redistributable: Yes
Comments: Kripp is Rest In Peace, Privacy. KRIPP is a very simple and extremely light-weight network passwords sniffer written in Perl, which uses only the tcpdump utility as an underlying traffic interceptor. It can sniff and display ICQ, AIM TOC, FTP, HTTP, CVS and POP3 passwords.

So, naturally, you will need tcpdump in order to make this work. Usually, it's available in the majority of distributions on all the POSIX compatible operating systems, such as Linux. Make sure you have tcpdump on your PATH.

You will need to run the program from the root account (otherwise it won't work). If it is run on a system serving as a gateway or in a network using a hub, Kripp will see all of the traffic on the local subnet. Otherwise, it will only see the userids and passwords in transmissions to/from the system on which it is run.

This version is modified from the developer's version. The original version, 0.6.1 from June 17, 2004, is available from or from here. This version, 0.6.1a, will capture failed userids and passwords for FTP transmissions and flag them with [F]. I added this capability so that I could monitor FTP dictionary attacks against one of my FTP servers.

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