Kindle App Invalid Item

On a Droid DNA 4G phone running Android version 4.2.2 and version of the Amazon Kindle app, I could download and read some books, but most of the time I received the messsge below:

Invalid Item
Please remove the item from your device and go to All Items to download it again.

Removing a book and trying again always resulted in the same message. Having a Wi-Fi connection did not help. It always appeared the books downloaded successfully, but any attempt to read them resulted in the message above.

I found someone else reporting the same problem on a Droid DNA phone with Android 4.2.2 installed at Kindle App Question. I also found many others reporting similar problems on other systems and with other versions of Android at other sites.

I tried going to Settings, then Apps under Device where I selected Amazon Kindle and then Clear cache. That did not help. So I then tried Clear Data instead of Clear cache. That resulted in the following warning message:

Delete app data?
All this app's data wil be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, etc.

When I then started the Amazon Kindle app, there were no books shown on the device, so I went to All Items and selected a book that I could read on my Kindle, but also wanted to read on the phone, that had previously given me the the error message when I tried to read it on the phone. I still got the message "Please remove the item form your device and go to All Items to download it again." I was able to download and read a book again that had been on the phone previously. I downloaded two other books that hadn't been on the phone previously and I was able to read those, also, but then when I tried downloading another book for which the problem occurred previously, I again got the "Invalid Item" message suggesting I remove the book and try downloading it again.

I then logged out of my Amazon account via the Amazon app on the phone and then reopened the Amazon Kindle app where I was prompted to log in. When I logged in and tried redownloading one of the problematic books, I still received the "Invalid Item" message when I tried to open it.

Using steps posted by another Amazon customer in a forum thread discussing the problem at Amazon's website here, I selected Settings from the phone's home screen, then chose Apps in the Device section, then selected the one named Amazon, not the one named Amazon Kindle, then tapped Disable. I then tried downloading a problematical book again, but again I could not read the book afterwards. So I chose the Clear data option for the Amazon app after re-enabling it and also Force stop, and Clear cache for it. I then tried Force stop for the Amazon Kindle app as well and disabled and re-enabled it. I still couldn't view books I had problems with previously when I tried downloading them again.

I don't know yet why I can view some books I've purchased on the phone, but not others, though it will probably take me awhile yet to read the ones I was able to put on the phone. The problem only appears to be occurring now for books I previously downloaded, which I couldn't read when I originally downloaded them. So far, after taking the above steps, all of the ones that I've downloaded and attempted to read have been readable, except for ones I had previously downloaded, but then removed because I couldn't read them.


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Created: January 18, 2014