Setting up a Family Library for a Kindle Fire HD 10

My wife usually reads at night using her Amazon Kindle before going to sleep. Recently, however, she experienced problems charging the Kindle. We looked at new Kindles, including the Kindle Fire HD 10 Tablet1px x 1px That Kindle is larger than her prior Kindle, but she was impressed with how light it is and felt that she could read comfortably at night in bed with it, so we ordered that one online; it arrived today. When I purchased our first Kindle, the first one offerred, we shared the Kindle. Eventually I bought her a Kindle of her own and then later we purchased a new third Kindle for her, but since Amazon didn't offer a means to transfer books from one family member to another, we didn't have a mechanism for transferring her books from the first and second Kindles to her latest Kindle, if we created a second account just for her, so she would see my books if she looked for books we'd purchased to download to her Kindle and I'd see recommendations refelecting her reading tastes when I logged into my account. It was annoying that Amazon didn't previously provide a means for us to separate our Kindle ebooks, but when the new Kindle arrived today, I decided I'd check to see if they now did offer an option for family members to share or transfer books, since it had probably been at least a year since I'd last checked. Happily, I found that Amazon now offers a "Family Library" option that allows adult family members to share books with one another, which would allow me to create a new Amazon account for her and share the books she'd already purchased under my original account to her new account.

To do so, I created a new account for her on Amazon's website from a Windows PC. I then configured the new Fire HD 10 to use that account. The new Kindle then appeared under her account which I was viewing from the Windows PC. I've detailed the steps I took on her new Kindle to transfer books to her new account below:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Profiles & Family Library under the Personal section.
  3. Tap Add a second adult profile.
  4. On the Sign In page you will need to provide the password for the account associated with the device owner and then tap on the Sign In button. You will then be advised to "pass your tablet to the person you would like to add to your household. They will be asked to sign in to their Amazon account." You will see CONTINUE below the message and can tap on the area where the message appears to proceed.
  5. You will then see the message "Profiles requires a unique Amazon account for each adult." You will have two options at this screen:

    If you already have another account, that is the default selection and you can click on the CONTINUE button to proceed.

  6. You will then see another Sign in screen where you can provide the email or mobile number for the other account and its password. Tap on CONTINUE when those have been provided.
  7. You will then see the information below:

    In order to share content within a Family Library Library and share certain benefits of Prime*, you will be authorizing shared access to use credit and debit cards associated with your Amazon accounts for purchases on Amazon. Both accounts will retain their current payment methods, but you'll be able to see and use each other's credit cards.

    Sharing payment methods enables

    • Prime Benefits you can share: Free Two-Day shipping, streaming of Prime Video, ability to borrow books from Kindle Owners Lending Library and Early Access.
    • Mom Benefits you can share: 20% off diapers subscription, 15% Baby Registry completion discount.
    • Share purchased content with your family across Amazon devices and apps.

    We authorize payment sharing and want to enable sharing of content, Prime Benefits, and management of child profiles if needed.
    We don't want to share payment methods and only agree to share managementof child profiles across Amazon devices.

    *Sharing of Prime is only activated if either customer is an active member of Prime or in a free trial. Prime Video requires that both adults have an active credit card in their individual accounts.

    The first option is selected by default and you can tap CONTINUE to proceed.

  8. The next screen allows you to Pick Content to Share. You will see the following information on that screen:

    Select the types of content that you want to share within your Family Library.

    Based on the settings below, current and future digital purchases will be shared across the Amazon devics and media apps that you own.

    If you don't wnat to share your content and future purchases of a specific content type, uncheck the box. You can always change your Family Library settings later.

    What about my collections?

    3 items

    Apps & Games
    30 items

    100 items

    When you tap CONTINUE you will be advised to pass the tablet back to the Kindle owner to finish the porcess with the note that "we'll need some additional info" from the owner to complete the household setup. Tap CONTINUE.

  9. The Kindle owner will then be asked to select the item she wants to share. In this case, since I just set up the account, there were 0 Audiobooks, 0 Apps & Games, and 0 Books to Share. When you tap CONTINUE on that screen, you will then see a Setup Complete message:

    Setup Completed

    You can now see shared contents on this tablet and other devices registered to your Amazon account. If you don't see shared content on your other device(s), try syncing it. If you are still having an issue, go to Settings and verify that sharing is enabled for both profiles.


After I completed that process, when I selected Books from the Kindle home screen, I saw the books that my wife had purchased from the other Kindle which she wanted to be able to read on her new Kindle HD 10. Ones that I had purchased were also visible. To remove the ones that I purchased which would not be of interest to my wife, I logged out of her account on the PC and logged into my account. For my account, I then selected Manage Your Content and Devices. With Books and All selected for Show, I went through the list of all the books we had purchased. For each of my books that would be of no interest to her, I clicked on the box next to that book under the Select column to add that book to the list of books I would not share. You can only select up to 10 books at a time upon which to perform an action, so once I'd reached that limit, I clicked on the button next to one of the books in the Action column and selected Manage Family Library. A small window then opened with a Remove from Library button next to my wife's name and "Family Library". I then clicked on the Deselect All button near the top of the webpage to deselect the previously selected 10 books, so I could select another 10, after I was informed that the books had been successfully removed from the family library, so would only be visible on a Kindle registered under my name. I repeated the process until I'd removed all of my books that I knew wouldn't be of interest to her.


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