QuickBooks 2011 crashes at startup

A user reported to me that QuickBooks was crashing when she tried to use it. When I attempted to start the QuickBooks 2011 program, it would get to the point where I could enter the username and password, but when I tried to proceed beyong that point it would stop working with the message below:

QuickBooks has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

I downloaded the latest version of QuickBooks File Doctor, QBFileDoctor.exe. The installation procedure installed it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks File Doctor\. When I ran the diagnostic utility on the company file, QuickBooks File Doctor did not find any problems.

I then downloaded the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool via the link to the utility I found at Intuit's Fix Microsoft .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ issues using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool page. When I installed that tool and ran it, the program reported "Errors Detected: Repair installed components".

QuickBooks Install 
Diagnostic Tool

I clicked on the Proceed button to have it complete repairs. At the conclusion of the repairs, I saw the message "QuickBooks will now open. Please try to register your QuickBooks product again."

Opening QuickBooks

When QuickBooks reopened, I saw a message regarding reregistering the software. Alas, after I entered the userid (there was no password associated with the userid) for the company file and tried to proceed, I again received the "QuickBooks has stopped working" message and the program crashed and closed. So I did some online searching regarding QuickBooks 2011 and the Microsoft Windows Anniversary Update, since the problem occurred after the Windows Anniversary Update was automatically installed by Windows early in the morning before the user arrived at work - see Determining whether the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is installed for steps you can take to determine if the Anniversary Update was installed and, if it was recently installed, when that installation occurred. I also found that another user's computer in the same office had been updated to the anniversary edition of Windows 10 two days prior to this user reporting the problem with QuickBooks. I found that the same issue now occurred on the other user's system as well now that the update was installed.

The online search regarding the problem led me to QuickBooks Pro 2011 is unable to open a company file after updating to "Windows 10 Anniversary Update" where others were reporting the same problem with QuickBooks Pro 2011 after the anniversary edition was installed. Unfortunately, there was no solution to the problem provided by Intuit, since the company does not support any version of QuickBooks prior to the 2015 version - see Windows 10 FAQ. I resolved the problem by purchasing two new editions of QuickBooks Pro 2016 Small Business Accounting Software with Free QuickBooks Online Essentials 1x1 px through Amazon, since I could download the software immediately after I purchased it with Amazon also providing the license keys I needed immediately upon purchase of the software.

After the purchase I found the following posting at Last Night's Windows 10 Anniversary Update dumped my Quickbooks Company File 8-4-2016, which was posted by Gshell on September 23, 2016 in response to cchow reporting on a similar problem on August 5, 2016 after the Windows 10 upgrade for the Anniversary Update:

I can't help with missing files, however the Anniversary Update prevented me from opening any QuickBooks company files with earlier versions of QuickBooks (2007, 2010, 2013, etc.) unless the company file had a QuickBooks password. There is no way to add a password to the company file if you can't launch QB, so I uninstalled the Anniversary Update and all was back to working fine again with older company files with the previous version of Windows 10. I maintain accounting records for several small companies and organizations and must maintain versions of QB that are compatible with my clients versions. They have no need to upgrade to QB 2016 as many do not use payroll or other features. Unless I can find a workaround or fix to the Anniversary Update, I will be stuck with never being able to upgrade Windows any further.

Note: I was able to open company files with QB 2010 Pro IF the company file already had a QB password assigned to it.

The company files for this company did not have a password assigned, so perhaps the Windows 10 update would not have caused the problem if the files had a password set, but I didn't see that posting until after the update had occurred at which point the files could no longer be opened with QuickBooks 2011. Perhaps an uninstall of the update would have been successful, allowing me to set a password and then reapply the update, but I don't know at this point.

I also encountered some problems during the installation of QuickBooks Pro 2016.


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