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Byte Brothers Model TVR10/100 LAN/Cable Tester

Test, verify and repair 10Base-T and 100Base-T Networks

The TVR10/100 answers the 10 most common questions  
occurring during the repair and install of 10 and 100 Base-T LANs

ByteBrothers TVR10/100 LAN tester
  1. Check Device Type
  2. Check Device Speed
  3. Locate Wires and Cables
  4. Cable Verification
  5. Instant Link

LAN devices questions answered

LAN cabling questions answered

The TVR10/100 is comprised of two units: The "Main unit" and the "Remote Probe." The Main unit performs the bulk of the tests such as determining the LAN device type (is it a hub or PC?) and the LAN speed (10 or 100 MB/s) without the need of the Remote Probe. The Remote Probe adds the ability to trace cable locations (by audibly tracing tones cables with all four pairs to insure compatibility with all three types of Base-T LANs.

Broad capabilities: TVR10/100 helps you locate faulty hubs, PCs or cable connections that are stopping or limiting the performance of your 10Base-T or 100Base-T LAN. Designed for both the LAN installer and repair person, it is useful documenting legacy LANs, installing and repairing LANs or adding equipment to existing LANs.

Designed specifically for 10 and 100 Base-T LANs: The TVR10/100 has been designed to test LAN devices and cabling designed to the 10 and 100 Base-T standard. This includes wiring paired to EIA(TIA)568B (also called AT&T258A or simply "AT&T"); and EIA(TIA)568A. EIA(TIA)568B is the most popular scheme for 10 and 100 Base-T cabling. EIA(TIA)568A is the most popular scheme for ISDN cabling. USOC pairing (typically used for telephones) is not compatible with the 10 or 100 Base-T standard and is therefore not tested by the TVR10/100.

Multiple test sets in one tester: To accomplish its goals, the TVR10/100 performs tests that, prior to the TVR10/100, required 7 different test sets. Plus, the multi-functionality is integrated to provide a combination of quick results that are not available in any other tester. If the TVR10/100 is divided by function, it yields a:

It is not only the individual functions of the TVR10/100 that makes it so useful... but the creative combination of these features that yield an efficient tester that saves time and gets the LAN working quickly.

TVR10/100 List of Functions
The TVR10/100 performs the following functions:

10/100 BASE-T LAN Tests. The TVR10/100 plugs into active hubs and/or PCs to verify 10Base-T or 100Base-T operation. Only the Main Unit is required for these tests.

Cable Testing. The following tests are performed by the TVR10/100 Main Unit and Remote Unit (except where indicated).

*Test performed by the Main Unit only (does not require the use of the Remote Probe).


The TVR10/100 includes a Main Unit and a Remote Probe Unit; batteries; 2 RJ45 to RJ45 jumpers, manual and a protective pouch.
TVR10/100 devices and cables

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Created: March 1, 2008