Belkin USB Wireless KVM Switch M/N:F1DG102W

F1DG102W USB Wirless KVM Switch

Flip Wireless - Two computers. One monitor. No problem.

Something old. Something new. Half the space.

Keep your old computer for access to your financial records, games, email, and more. Use your new monitor for both computers. Flip eliminates the clutter of multiple PCs - by letting you use one monitor, keyboard, and mouse and one set of speakers for both computers.

Click. Flip.

Place the wireless remote anywhere within 10 feet of your computers. Press the button to flip from one computer to the next. Simple. With no commands to remember or key combinations to forget. Flip can be used by anyone.

Plug in Turn on.

Flip installs in three easy steps, using the included cables. No software is required. The KVM switch and cables stay behind your computers, keeping your desk free of clutter.

F1DG102W Wireless USB KVM Switch Package Front F1DG102W Wireless USB KVM Switch Package Back

Package includes

F1DG102W Wireless USB KVM Switch

Monitors Supported

VGA and DVI-I (with VGA adapter)

Maximum Video Resolution

Up to 2048 x 1536 @ 65Hz

Keyboards and Mice Supported

All USB-based PC and MAC® keyboards and mice

Speakers Supported

All speakers with standard 3.5mm connectors

System Requirements

Product Details

Flip (M/N: F1DG102W) diagram

Product Features and Technical Details

Product Features

Click remote to flip (M/N: F1DG102W)

Technical Details

Don't dispose in trash RoHS Compliance

Belkin Product Warranty

3-Year Warranty and free technical support

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Los Angeles, CA 90220, USA

Belkin Ltd.
+61 (0) 2 4350 4600
Tuggerah, Australia


Made in China


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Created: July 18, 2009