Chia Cat Grass Planter

Chia Cat Grass Planter

Handmade, decorative Chia® planter.
Fun and easy to grow.
A nutritious treat for your cat.

Watch it grow!

Complete Cat Grass Kit Includes:

Chia Cat Grass® Growing Instructions

  1. Empty all but 2 tablespoons of Chia Growing Mix into your Cat Grass Planter
  2. Sprinkle all seeds evenly over growing mix.
  3. Loosely sprinkle remaining growing mix over seeds. Do not worry that all seeds are not completely covered.
  4. Add 1/4 cup of water.
  5. Loosely cover planter with plastic wrap or sandwich style bag. You want a loose covering, so air can circulate around the seeds and planter. You will not have to water your planter while the plastic wrap or bag is around your planter.
  6. In about three days you will see the first sprouts emerge. Remove plastic covering when sprouts are about 1" tall.
  7. The sprouts will grow quickly. It is not uncommon for cat grass to grow 1" a day in ideal conditions.
  8. Add water only if growing mix appears to be very dry and if plants begin to droop. Cat grass does not like a lot of water.
  9. Allow cat grass to receive at least 1 hour of sunlight daily for best growth.
  10. Your cat can beging to enjoy eating the cat grass at any time, but it is best to allow cat grass to grow to about 4” high. Your cat grass will continue to grow for many weeks dependent upon how much is eaten daily.
  11. It is recommended for cats that have never had cat grass in their diet, that you limit their eating to a small amount daily.
  12. Cat grass is a healthy addition to your cat's diet. It aids in digestion, and helps your cat remove hair balls. Cat grass is great source of fiber and chlorophyll. Chia Cat Grass is a tasty blend of oat and wheat grasses, which is a delicious treat for cats, dogs, birds and other pets.

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